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Welcome to Study In Hungary

If you wish to continue your studies in Europe, Hungary is the best starting point. The country and its capital, Budapest, offers everything you may need to get a proper education and to get acquainted with the European culture.

Preparatory programs will help you to get ready for any European university’s entrance examination, they will help you to develop a high level of English, and with our extracurricular activities we will make sure that you become familiar enough with the European culture as to not have difficulties during you stay on the continent.

Hungary is a great place because:

• we are in the heart of the European Union
• we are located within the Schengen area
• the Hungarian education’s excellence is recognized all over the world
• the degree you get from Hungarian universities is accepted in the whole European Union
• the tuition fee of Hungarian universities is much cheaper than in other Western countries
• the cost of living is relatively low
• we offer numerous cultural activities
• from here you can go basically any where you want!

Every year thousands of students come to Hungary to study and live here. They love this country, because the education is outstanding, the cultural life of Budapest is vibrant and exciting, and the possibilities Europe has to offer makes it possible for anyone to make their dreams come true.
Why study In Hungary
There are several reasons to choose Hungary as country to study in but the most important reasons to study in Hungary can be classified in the following terms:

• Firstly the tradition and background of Hungarian universities also as a member of EU countries
• The lower cost of study and living in comparison to costs in other EU and north American countries
• Life facilities in Hungary
• Kind people, a friendly and international atmosphere

Hungarian higher education has a considerable history. The first university in Hungary was established more than 600 years ago. Today the number of universities and colleges - state and non-state (private and religious, recognized by the state) is over ten in Budapest alone, many of them offering graduate (B.Sc., M.Sc.) and post graduate (Ph.D., DLA) programs in English. There are several scientific research centers with international connections cooperating with the universities.
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